Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Ecology and Evolution (50.102)

Instructor Information:

Clay E. Corbin, PhD

Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Phone: 570.389.4134



Office: HSC 173

Office Hours: M,F 3-4, T,R 1-2





Syllabus (Fall 2005)


PowerPoint Presentations


Additional Readings (not in use Fall 2005)


Cane Toad Information .pdf ( (Video not in use Fall 2005)

    Cane Toads: An Unnatural History

    Video can be checked out at Andruss

    Click here for question sheet



Course Overview Information:



Ricklefs, RE. 2001. Economy of Nature 5/e.  Freeman Publishers.


Other Material: 


1. Additional readings will be assigned and posted throughout

the semester on this webpage.  Contact Dr. Corbin if you are having

problems downloading information from this webpage.


Compressed Schedule: If the university is on a compressed schedule,

class will meet from 2:10-2:50.



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