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Below is an exercise in calculating your QPA (GPA):


Here is the BU Pilot grading schedule (link here [turn pop-ups on]):

A = 4.00

C = 2.00

A- = 3.67

C- = 1.67

B+ = 3.33

D+ = 1.33

B = 3.00

D = 1.00

B- = 2.67

E = 0.00

C+ = 2.33


How to calculate semester QPA:

As seen above, each grade has a point value associated with it.  For each course, multiply the point value earned by the number of credits.  Sum these and then divide by the total number of credits for that semester. 

For example:

Concepts of Biology I: 4 credits, earned grade of A- 4(3.00) = 12.00
Chem for the Sciences 1: 4 credits, earned grade of B 4(3.67) = 14.68
Composition I: 3 credits, earned grade of A 3(4.00) = 12.00
General Psych: 3 credits, earned grade of B  3(3.00) = 9.00
University Seminar: 1 credit, earned grade of A 1(4.00) = 4.00
Total Number of Credits = 15  
Total Points Earned = 51.68  
QPA = (51.58)/(15.00) = 3.45  



Here is a QPA calculator. 

Simply enter the grade earned (capital letters) and credit value for each class. 

Grade Credits
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8

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Cumulative QPA and course repeats.

A "cumulative QPA" simply includes all courses taken to date at Bloomsburg University. If a course has been successfully repeated, the credits are counted only once in the computation. If a course is success-fully repeated at another accredited institution of higher education, the credits for the course initially taken at Bloomsburg are deleted from the computation


Worksheet on QPA scenarios

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