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Article author and subject PowerPoint
Keri Ondrusek - Cranial Musculature in Rays ondrusek.ppt
Valerie Van Cleef - Lung ventilation and locomotion in turtles vancleef.ppt
Brad Hortman - Eye anatomy of nocturnal and diurnal Cardinal fish hortman.ppt
Denise Lucas - Paleo and Dental CVA of Patagonian Marsupials lucas.ppt
Hilary Quarry - Middle ear anatomy of Ctenomys quarry.ppt
Eileen Garvey - Comparative Morphology of the Primate Eye garvey.ppt
Laura Bauman - Croc forelimb musculature bauman.ppt
Kevin Cliver - Lake Apopka Alligators cliver.ppt
Marie Malitsky - how to kiss a cat malitsky.ppt
Qudirat Jamiu - how to kiss a snake jamiu.ppt
Alisa Badolato - Vertebrate lumbar vertebrae badolato.ppt
Ashley Bucher - Forelimb kine in turtles bucher.ppt
Amy Christine - identifying a pissed off bush baby christine.ppt
Becky Ames - Bat wing morph and performance ames.ppt